Canada / Ottawa, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Canada, a Nation filled with Oprahesk, Cultural Goo.

I write this bit as a Canadian. This Sunday morning I sat in the Ottawa International Airport awaiting my flight to Moncton. Having a Tim Horton’s  “double -double coffee in one fist, a boston cream in the other and a maple filled doughnut waiting in the wings, I picked up the latest edition of The Ottawa Citizen, the national capital newspaper I once worked for. I read what I could of the front page and then turned to the section entitled, “Faith and Values.” This is another attempt at political correctness in a multi-cultural world. It is a prime example of political correctness run amuck.

They, making sure that they are fair to all they wind up producing non-sensical mush. I understand The Ottawa Citizen is not Christianity Today. I recognize that they publish their newspaper for one million people, not one million souls. However, in so doing they try to include a wide range of religious viewpoints, so each week they ask a question then allow a Roman Catholic cleric, an evangelical pastor, a liberal pastor, a Buddhist monk, Hindu, Muslim Imam (well whatever comes to mind), speak their piece.

I do notice that not every religious persuasion gets a kick at the theological can. For instance, someone has decided that Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormon’s, Satanists, practitioners of voodoo, Scientologists, Zorastrians, Druids and others are not legitimate enough to be included.  Why shouldn’t it bother someone that there is a person or group of persons somewhere deciding what is legitimate religion and what is not? Shouldn’t a thoroughly pluralistic society include all comers?

At any rate they don’t. They pick and choose which religions are not so screwy as to be excluded.

The question to be considered this week was, “Who is the religious leader most misunderstood?” What do you think happened to a question of this nature? Who did Rabbi Bulka choose? You guessed it. He did not choose Jesus, he choose Moses and for good reason. He dared not think about Jesus. Who do you think a Hindu or a Buddhist might pick? Who did the Roman Catholic and the evangelical protestant select as the most misunderstood religious figure? Jesus, of course.

This brings me to my point. Some people think that it is a good idea to have no religious opinion. For instance, The Ottawa Citizen and post modern culture in general thinks that it makes good sense to “play fair” with religion. It seems to bother no one that we don’t “play fair” with opinions concerning science and math.

I once had a prospective accountant that asked me what it was that I did, exactly. When I told him, he said something like, “Well, that’s good. I have personally always admired the Mormon’s. I suppose it doesn’t matter what you believe. All religions are basically good. There must be some truth in all of them.” I said in response, “That strikes me as an unusual opinion coming from an accountant. The truth is, sir, some religions are downright stupid and others downright dangerous. What might you know of the Mormon’s? Do you intend to prepare my taxes with the same philosophy? Does it matter to you or the IRS if the columns add up or will any figure be as good as any other figure?” This left him utterly staggered. I picked up my manila folders and left his office.

Here is what I am driving at.

It has become asininely popular to make no decision regarding religious matters. Think about this for a minute. Let’s just be nice and treat all religious notions the same even if they are light years apart. In the interest of fairness, this seems right and the only sensible position to take in a world of faith systems, none of which agree with the other. What does taking this position really communicate? It says that religious matters are immaterial. The Ottawa Citizen appears to elevate religion by giving an entire  page to opinions about this religious subject or that, but in the end, this policy only communicates one thing, we’ll just patronize those who have an interest in such ridiculous things by throwing them a bone. Religion is unnecessary (stupid) and not worth the time of day. When every opinion is as good as another, none are more or less meritorious than another, having no opinion is an opinion.

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