Canada / New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

I flew into Ottawa on Saturday afternoon and was met by Ian and Alison Frankish at the airport. They took me to their van where with mom Bev we drove off for something to eat at a Kanata restaurant. There to meet us was husband, father, Chuck an ACCI board member. It was a quick visit as they were all on their way to a Michael W. Smith concert and me to the Peterkins’ home for the night.

After a fun evening , the next morning I was delivered back to the airport and on my way to Moncton, New Brunswick and a rendezvous with Dr. Steve Elliott, his wife Helen and son Jedediah (the call him Jeddie). A couple of hours or so later I was in my room, unpacked and out for a walk down to Tim Horton’s (in a town of 4,000, one has two choices to consider, Tim’s or McDonald’s). I will be here quite a number of times this week. I promise not to bore you with pictures of Tim Horton coffee cups and doughnuts.



On the way down I got this shot of Bethany College Church.

When I was here some two years ago, the campus church was only eighty percent finished. Here it is complete.

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