Canada / New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Preaching to the Seminar Students at Bethany College Chapel

Have you ever heard of this concept? Low Predictibility=High Impact whereas, High Predictibility=Low Impact. Well, if this theory is true then I had very high impact on this body of students. This idea comes from the notion that Jesus had high impact because he was nothing like the Pharisees. His style completely shook the staid, religious culture to the core. To the Pharisees, Jesus was like someone running his or her fingernails down a blackboard. This concept is taken to include high impact Christians and churches. Predictable Christians and churches apparently do not impact the culture in any significant way. If all of this is even only slightly true then my message at Bethany Chapel was full of high impact. 

I do this sort of delivery everywhere and especially when I am talking to young people. I am, as they say, “very animated.” They do their best to try to make “very animated” sound like a good thing but the truth is, I’m not sure they’ve ever seen anything quite like my presentation in their short lifetimes. You must remember this is the Maritimes and folks don’t get around much so truth be told, they thought I might assault them by jumping over a pew.

For some of you who wonder what I talked about, I talked about risk and told the rabbit story. The rabbit story is legendary! Almost everyone knows it and is perhaps my most requested story. I am pretty sure that once is enough for this group. They were dumb struck by my antics and I have no idea of whether my message found its mark or not. Only time will tell. Those that did like it, really liked it.

To hear the “Rabbit Story” in all of its’ unabridged glory go to, at the top tab click “Resources,” then click, “Risk.”

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