Canada / New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Dr. Stephen and Helen Elliott

I once heard that hobo’s would mark the house that had a generous kitchen with some sort peculiar but recognizable mark. I have often made preaching trips to cities, towns and small villages, preached the morning meeting and then left to fend for my own lunch. The church had failed to arrange for my lunch that Sunday so I was on my own. This has not happened often but it has happened and not a happy way to spend the day before the evening meeting. On several occasions I spent the day in the front seat of my car. The good news here at Bethany Bible College is, I have a meal ticket and can eat pretty good food three times a day. Yet, Helen and Steve have insisted that I eat with them each night. Helen is a good cook (not to be left out, Stephen made chicken on the grill the first night). Monday night I had the chicken with a table full of other good things. On Tuesday they hosted me, the Jamaican Superintendent, his wife and graduating student, Terrianne at the local restaurant and then last night the table was surrounded by a family of three, a young lady named Jessica and me. We had tacos, cherry pie and chocolate cake. The Elliott’s understand the concept of a generous kitchen so I (a hobo) have marked their house. If ever in Sussex and in need of a meal, I suggest you inquire where thy live. I think they take all comers, all of the time.

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