Canada / New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

What a Beautiful Time of Year.

This morning I woke up with allergies. People tell me that it is Birch pollen. I began the day with a runny nose. It’s a good thing that the lecture portion is over and this morning I listened as a number of students preached their required twenty to twenty-five minute sermons. Tomorrow morning I will pack up,  go into the town, take some photographs and then find my way to a coffee shop where I will grade papers and sip a cappuccino. At noon we will leave for Peggy’s Cove and on Sunday morning I will preach in Halifax, eat lunch and be driven to Moncton where I will spend the night before flying home on Monday morning.

I have a had a good time and especially enjoyed my roommates. Rod Martin (left) is a specialist in Instructional Technology and drove his Honda Gold Wing motorcycle all the way from southern Indiana, about 1,400 miles. I worked along side of Rod two years ago.

My other roomy, John Morgan (right) came to Bethany from Marquette University in Milwaukee where he is doing his PhD. He taught Young Adult Ministries.

2 comments on “Canada / New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

  1. Rod says:

    wow… that Rod is pretty cool… LOL

    • tonyhedrick says:

      I don’t know if that is the word I would have chosen to describe him? I think there is a kind of coolness about Rod but sadly, it is overshadowed by his sheer creepiness.

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