Canada / New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is shot from the car as the Elliott van crossed over the border from New Brunswick. I briefly visited Nova Scotia once before as we drove through on our way to a Prince Edward Island vacation. P.E.I. is beautiful as anyone who has viewed the made for TV series “Anne (with an “e”) of Green Gables” PEI is beautiful but let me assure the reader that it is one week of beautiful and not two as we learned.

Pastor Kevin Wilson

We are on the way to Halifax where we will stay with Pastor Kevin Wilson, Bev, his wife and daughter Emma (who gets a longer name when she is scolded). Emma is an absolutely delightful Shirley Temple of a little girl of five years who quickly warmed up to my Grandpa-ness. She reminded me of my own precocious granddaughter, Adriah.

Here the entire bunch are pictured standing on the boardwalk along the Halifax harbour. You might say that we were just “chillun.”

Kevin, Bev, Helen and Stephen Elliott, Emma

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