Moncton, New Brunswick

I was scheduled to fly out of Moncton at six in the morning on Monday, May 10th. As soon as church was over and we had eaten our lunch at Swiss Chalet, we were off to Moncton, about two and half hours away from Halifax and an hour north of  Sussex. I wanted to spare Stephen the task of driving me from Sussex at 3AM on Monday morning so I booked a room about two miles from the airport with the idea of visiting with former Bethany College of Missions students, Jeff and Sarah Hughes.

Jeff and Sarah have now been married eight years and have three children to show for it. The names of the children go something like this, Shiloh, Willow, (can’t remember the third though I am sure that it is something very distinct).  

Jeff served as a Youth Pastor in Ottawa for a time and then moved back to Moncton (Sarah’s home town ) where he started a pizza and hamburger restaurant. I was picked up at the door of my motel and shuttled to Jeff’s restaurant where I had a free meal (and very good I might add). Jeff’s pizza has claimed third for best pizza in the country. He also turns out what appears to be giant-sized, gourmet burgers.   

The scripture says, “I have no greater joy than to see my children walking in the truth.” Such is the case for me as well.

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