Mr. and Mrs. Reliable

I landed in Ottawa late Tuesday night at about 10:30 and met by my friend of twenty-two years, Charles Frankish and taken to his house where I would stay (as I often do) while I am in the city. Chuck is an allergist and apparently a  darn good one though he has never been successful at healing me of anything. In fact, I began to sneeze and gag as soon as I arrived and Doctor Chuck just continued to sit in his Lazy Boy recliner reading his Bible and occasionally drifting off while Bev (an engineer) ran about trying to locate some Allegra for me. He ‘s a great guy but I am pretty convinced that he does not make house calls even when the house is his own.

Really though, Chuck has built a such a successful practice that he has had to expand, so on the Wednesday evening after a nice supper at Fratelli’s  they took me over to see his grand new offices.

Chuck is on the ACCI Board and Bev has been my personal assistant while I was Pastor at Chapel Ridge. She just can’t be beat at that sort of thing. I would show up at a Board meeting and it would all be on the table in front of me. It is rare to find such servants anywhere. As highly qualified and as well-educated as they are, no job was ever too demeaning for either of them to undertake for the Glory of God.

3 comments on “Mr. and Mrs. Reliable

  1. Amy Haley says:

    So, who could not LOVE this couple? Seriously!

  2. Tracy says:

    They are fantastic!

  3. Jevy says:

    Fun insight on these folk. Thanks for the post.

    I can just picture Chuck falling asleep while Tony is suffering. HAHAHA!!

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