Better than Fishun, NOT!

Ken (left) and Mark (right)

Originally, the three of us, Mark, Pastor Ken and I had planned for a day of fishing on White Lake near Pakenham where we have often taken our limit with a rubber worm in a couple of hours. I was excited and set all of Thursday aside for this purpose of fishing and fellowship.

The English word “fellowship” describes “brotherly affection” (philios or philadelphia in Greek). Break the word in two and you see how we might come by this, fellows-in-a-ship. In order for ships to keep afloat, there must be a certain amount of oneness or “brotherly affection.” Well, we thought we’d have some fellowship. Mark’s boat is tight quarters so we had plenty of opportunity to try comraderie out.

Regrettably, the morning turned questionable with gray skies, light showers and the warning of choppy waters on the lake so we decided to do the other things we do best, eat and talk. So, for most of the day we were either at a table or in the car discussing, what else ? Ministry, or the lack thereof.

I always like this. These are a couple of my “Go To” guys and I doubt if any friends know me as well or like me as much. I am blessed to have these mates (and others) who know me inside out and like me anyhow.

After breakfast in Carleton Place and before we went downtown to Ottawa’s famous Byward Market, Mark took us for a ride through the suburb of Carp so we could see the new “business venture” house that he and Ken’s son Andrew are building. This is it and it should be done before Christmas, or so they say.

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