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Some of you may have noticed that I have removed Blog Entries, “Canada, Whistling through a graveyard” and “To Open Minds.” I received a good read on these blogs (actually record numbers read them) and I had a number of responses. Most of you were positive and made a similar observation that what I am saying about Canada could be said about the entirety of western society and this is true. Some of you wanted clarification on some of my points.

I admit to using strong words to describe the prevailing cultural climate in Canada. I will admit that “trigger words” – words like ” smug” and “stupid” may have been poor choices. But, here I am not referring to individuals at all but rather to systemic and cultural perceptions.

There was, however one response that left me stunned. Because of this one unfavorable response from an old friend, I took the post down. I was accused of a number of character flaws (” arrogant, rude, obnoxious, hit-and-run, slash-and-burn, abusive and condescending attitude“) that I believe were once true but not so much now. My motivation for writing the column was also brought into question (“So I can only wonder…..what was it?  Nobody came to your meetings?  Not enough money in the offering?  No red carpet?”). If this does describe me, then I should know about it. Because this came from a person that I think cares about me, I took it to heart. I only hope that this isn’t true.  

 Perhaps the thing that troubled me most, was the charge that I was unpatriotic and unthankful to Canada for taking me in and giving me a home more than forty years ago. If this is how my blog came across then I beg the pardon of my fellow citizens and friends.

I will confess to not being very patriotic to any country. I have been a guest in more than twenty countries and have discovered good qualities (qualities Canadians and Americans do not have) in all of those countries and cultures. Let me confess that I am a bit of a world citizen.

On July 4th (Independence Day Sunday) in the church that I attend, they did a brief tribute to fallen soldiers and American Freedom and sang, “God Bless America.” I was respectful and sang along for I do appreciate what America has given me and the world. I was shocked, however, when people began to rise all around me with their hands over their hearts singing the song with gusto. In fact, there was so much enthusiasm for America I wondered why we can’t muster the same enthusiasm when we sing the songs of redemption from sin and hell. In America, sometimes and even among Christian’s who should know better, Caesar is God. Didn’t you know? Jesus is an American and a member of the Tea Party movement. Jesus is not a Democrat.  

Though I may not approve of every aspect of  America’s foreign policy, I am a ready defender of America and Americans when I travel in countries which are particularly hostile to her. Further, I am the one that threw the Canada Thanksgiving and Canada Day parties while living in Minnesota. I love these nations and these people.

Here’s the problem. I love the kingdom of God and His Christ more. My blog is not meant in any way to be anti-Canadian. In fact, it is just the opposite. Just as in Europe and America, social engineers in Canada are working through government, education and media and destroying the very heart of the people.

I have a prophetic side and this causes me to bear a burden for what I see. I use strong words to describe what I see. My blog was meant to convey the fear I have for the fate of Canadian’s (especially Canadian Christians), their children and the state of the church. Some former friends have already left the faith having been unknowingly seduced by the culture.  Many have not left the faith but have grown soft on many issues which God has spoken on. “Did God say?”

Have you ever heard the following statement? “Ideas have legs. Philosophy is behind everything and it is true that, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” This is what disturbs me. Europeans, Canadians and Americans are being victimized by social engineers who are intentionally describing for us what the world should be and look like. Your children go off to university to get an education. Government and university both will be happy if this happens, but the truth is, they will be even happier if your children will graduate with a certain way of viewing the world they live in. I promise that university classrooms are neither friends of free intellectual exchange or the Christian faith. It is estimated that 87 percent of students entering university believe in God while only 23% of those graduating believe in God. Media (movies and television) are busy stripping people of their Christian values and, in return, replacing these with nothingness (nihilism, the philosophy of Voltaire ).

Let me demonstrate to you how powerful this can be. Hitler was influenced by Nietzsche and there never would have been a Hitler without him. Lenin and Stalin were influenced by Hegel and Marx and there would never have been Communism without them.

My blog was not an unpatriotic, hateful diatribe against Canada or Canadian’s. My comments were born out of a great concern and love for my country and my friends there. I am deeply concerned for the children of Christian families, many of whom have over thrown the faith and some involved with drugs and ruinness relationships. I am worried for the pastors and concerned Christian leaders who deal with this onslaught of anti-Thesism and anti-Christ everyday. They are given an uphill battle to fight when the culture has their members  twenty-four hours a day and the pulpit has them for one and one-half hours of those one hundred sixty-eight hours.

Nevertheless, the scripture is clear (though Elijah and John the Baptist would have paid little attention to this), “Give no offense, either to the Jews or to the Greeks or to the church of God.”  I Corinthians 10:32 For this reason and this reason alone, I removed these entries. I can think of many more Bible verses that would have justified keeping them in.

7 comments on “Blog Removal Explanation

  1. Jerry K. says:

    Discretion of language may not be something usually associated with Tony, but discernment of larger truths and conditions is at the core of his wisdom. I personally am tired unto my bones with truth spoken being dismissed because certain words to describe it, or even more the worldview that prompts it, are uncomfortable or offend the personal political agendas of the listeners. A Kingdom perspective is NOT comfortable, easy, or without cost. Read your gospels people. Tony – I’ve put up with your occasional intemperance for years, as you’ve put up with mine. Big deal. A muzzle does not become you, and to assume one will grieve the Spirit and disappoint those whom you engage whether we agree on a point or not.

  2. Dave W. says:

    I, like you, am a citizen of both Canada and the U.S. and spent a number of years living in Europe. I’ve seen the good and bad in each of these cultures. I did not find your comments offensive at all but found my heart resonating with your anguish over the deception and evil that is blinds our two nations.

    Here in the U.S., our national pride has blinded us to the fact that we may well be the most evil empire that has ever existed in human history. Despite some of the good deeds we may have done, our statistics are damning. We’ve murdered more people than any other dictatorship or empire combined (we’ve done this with the murder of 50,000,000+ babies alone). We are the world leader in exporting violence, pornography, and human trafficking (slavery). None of these evils (that God speaks frighteningly harshly about in the Word) seems to get a rise from the majority of believers (and the number of believers is on a steep decline. We’ll be below a culturally sustainable 3% within the next generation). We live in an Alice in Wonderland like state where our material wealth and comfort gives us a false sense of God’s blessing on us, all the while the devil carries off our children and churches into quagmire of deception and idolatry. We are so out of touch with our desperate condition that we bristle at the mere mention of these types of accusations. We would certainly never take time to truly consider our condition, our be moved to do as the prophet Joel prescribes we do in these times; call the people together and cry out for mercy.

    Canadians kid themselves if they think they are superior and not party to the same evils, staring down the same abyss, in fearful proximity of God’s judgment.

    We’re all in this together. We believers are all citizens of the same kingdom (not ones north and south of the 49th parallel). We need to judge the condition of our nations against the Word and not whether we’re simply better than our neighbors.

    If in times when the church in the western world is on the brink of extinction all we can do is rally round our flags and take petty pot shots over Canadian vs. American cultural superiority, then we really are in trouble.

    Tony, just thought I’d throw my controversial two cents in so you’re not alone. ; ) I know you take these things hard!

  3. Francesco says:

    My reply to Tony’s post was: “Your description could easily be applied to Italy as well”.
    Being an Italian I must confess I’ve always been rather shocked, by the way Americans (I don’t know Canadians that well) mix their patriottism with their faith. Living in a country where a church used to be, and actually still is, a state -the Vatican- I guess we develop some kind of allergy to any state/church syncretism.
    We are probably the least patriotic country in the world, which is not something not to be necesseraly proud of, but becomes a very good thing when you become a Christian and you need to substitute your earthly citizenship with your heavenly one. I reapeat, substitute, not overlap.

  4. Darlene Hogg says:

    Wanting to avoid controversy? Is this the Tony I know and love?
    When you are doing the Lord’s work and wearing your heart on your sleeve as you do, there will be critics; there may be truth to their observations perhaps a perspective which you did not at first see or maybe you just struck a chord. How can we know another’s heart?
    Nonetheless often the Lord sends these types to keep us honest. Ministry worth anything to the Kingdom needs to stay sharp, focused, and in line with God and His Word. True or false, criticism help us to stay on our face before the Lord which is just where we should be anyway.

    • tonyhedrick says:

      Billy Graham was once asked by David Frost if he knew what the Arch Bishop of Canterbury had said about him and when he was told, he said,”Would you convey to the Arch Bishop my thanks? We should always listen to those who oppose us as they will not mix their criticism with sentimentality.” I am generally not as gracious as Billy Graham. Perhaps this is why he asked Franklin and not me to take his place when he retired from the platform.

  5. Paul Laberge says:

    I think people were upset at the envelope and the way it was delivered; not the content, because the content was bang on, and the more disheartening BECAUSE it needed to be said; hey Tony, now you know how Jeremiah felt, belting it out to his compatriots
    of Jerusalem.
    It would be nice if people did not take it out on the messenger; sorry I couldn’t make it to Elgin: sounds like things were hopping. Don’t let this get you down: keep on trucking Brother Tony.
    Love in Christ, Paul

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