Entry 9 / Ljubljana to Verona, Italy

A fashion shoot, apparently


My destination for today is Verona and just happens to be one of my all time favorite cities in Italy. I will arrive early enough to catch the evening light take some pictures, get a hotel (turned out to be Valverde a three star and not great), stay over and in the morning go on to Trento where I will meet the Dilles’ and on the next day Pastor Pippo Rizzo. 

My original plan was to stop over in two places. I first wanted to see Caleb and Linda Klontz ACCI missionaries in Trieste but they were in America on furlough. Then I thought, “Oh, well, I’ll go on to Venice and meet Piero Pugiotta for lunch,” but he was busy at work. We texted back and forth and made arrangements to perhaps meet in Florence on Tuesday. I hope he will bring along Natasha his wife and Cristiano their little boy. In the meantime I trained along and arrived in Verona. Here are some shots of the city center. 



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