Entry 17 / Parma, Italy

The Gospel Party

An amazing evening…

Friday and Saturday was pretty much spent talking with ACCI missionaries, Parma church friends and aclimating Larry to the city of Parma.

Mirko's powerful testimony

The evening had already been promoting as a “Gospel Party” with hundreds of invitations extended. The model for this came from several years ago when we borrowed the lower level of a pizza restaurant and hosted a “Pizza Party.” If some of you will remember at that event I offered to buy any un-churched person under the age of twenty-five, “Free Pizza!” I thought, “No risk, I doubt if more than twenty people will show   up anyway.” I expected this venture to cost, let’s say, one hundred or so Euro. However, something got lost in translation and wound up being 140 at the event and when the bill arrived, it was 720 Euros. The church was so happy (and guilty that everyone came expecting free pizza) that they tossed in half or about three-hundred fifty Euro. It was still a huge amount of money for me but worth it to see the visitors and see that several became Christians out of this outreach.

Daniela telling her story

So here they decided to do it again but this time in the church and with a home cooked buffet. In all, more than 180 people came with thirty or more first time visitors showing up. While it turned out to be more like a church service than it should have been and the program lasted about three hours it was fun and no one left in the middle. They had lots of worship, a play, three testimonies (Larry Brune being one of them) and then my message where I preached about

Francesco and Larry

thirty minutes on “An Invitation to the Wedding” from Matthew 22 and/or Luke 14. At the end of the message more than fifteen came forward in active witness to say that they wished to come to the wedding. Several were in tears and demonstrated their earnestness but only time will tell.


2 comments on “Entry 17 / Parma, Italy

  1. Jevy says:

    Really neat man. That church is full of excited people.

  2. Tony Hedrick says:

    They remember you guys in both churches, Parma and Ljubljana. Thanks for making the trip with me and meeting my friends. The work continues with ever expanding opportunites. It was fun to have Larry along this time. Stay tuned for more from here.

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