Entry 18 / Parma, Italy

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Church as usual in the morning where I preached on “Missing the Wow! Moments” (Moses and the Burning Bush, Gideon on the Threshing Floor, The Magi and the Manger or the person seated on the same row). Though this may make sense to no one reading it here, it went over very well with people appreciatively looking at each other in the face and saying, “Wow!”

At Osvaldo and Margarita’s for a Birthday Lunch

We all (about ten adults) crowded around a small table in the living room and ate orrechietta ( pasta ears) in tomato sauce. This was surround by other notable food items including a Boston Cream Pie at the end of the meal. We celebrated Felicia’s thirteenth birthday a girl I have known since she was only seven years old.

Kevin’s Birthday Celebration

Leaders, Denny and Jessica

I was still sick from a cold I had carried for about a week so asked if I could go catch a nap before the evening event, an eighteenth birthday party for Kevin. Kevin is an amazing young man. He is formerly a Brazilian and has two sisters that I know about. Kevin has never really known his father until recently. At the age of fifteen he went back to Brazil to find his dad and was happy to learn that he had, over the years, also become a Christian. He said that he may not have a father yet, but he does have a new brother in Christ. Kevin then is a bit of a self-made man. Though still young he has been a leader in the church since he was fifteen. He works in youth leadership and on the worship team, playing piano that he learned on his own. He also writes some of the new music that the church sings and aspires to be a composer of Christian worship. He has also learned English and excels in academic studies.

The Group Shot

After a good roasting from his friends, thirty or so of us gathered around to bless him. Larry and I were both impressed as to how mature the prayers were. There were words of encouragement, scriptures read, the prophetic

Larry, Kevin and Tony

was spoken over him and many prayed powerful prayers from the heart. Our thought was, what if this would take place in America or Canada, would young people step up and take spiritual initiative in the same manner or would there be a reluctance. We agreed that there was something special going on here. Somehow the young adults of the Parma church have no idea that they are not ready to be on the forefront of Christian ministry. They are indeed, bold and effective in ministry.

We finished the evening with a dessert fellowship and went back to the house to pack and prepare for our visit to Firenze and Cinque Terra. More about this excursion in the next several blogs.

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