Entry 20 / Florence, Italy

Monday, October 4, 2010

Night dining in Firenze

Can you imagine? Not a single, "Wow!"

This may have been my twentieth trip to Florence and after the first time it was always to do one of two things – to buy a purse or take a friend on a little sightseeing trip into the heart of the Renaissance. This time I did both.

About ten years ago I bought Jeanne a little brown and black, back pack purse that everyone raves about. “Oh,” they say, “If  Tony ever goes to Florence again, could he pick me up one of those cute little purses?”  It appears that they stopped making this exact little item about three or more years ago so I must go from kiosk to kiosk until I score it or something like it. After several hours of putting my nose to the ground, I found a close enough match.

Searching for a purse in the massive outdoor market

Next, I took Larry around the various important landmarks but learned right away, that he doesn’t look up much. I took him to the Duomo begun in the 13th century and finally completed by Brunelleschi between 1420-1436. The dome of the cathedral is a most amazing engineering feat but, true to form, Larry didn’t even provide one, “Ahhh or Wow!” when he saw it. Some people cry.

A Brune ""WOW!" moment

Oh, well he did say, “Wow!” when the waiter brought to the table a two kilo steak called a “Fiorentina.”  He does prove to be a respectable tourist after all.

After taking the EuroStar (240 k per hour) from Bologna we ate our way through the city of Florence on the first day.

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