Entry 21 / Firenze and the Pugiotti’

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pugiotto's, Piero, Cristiano and Natasha

I have friends that live in Venice. Lifetime Venetian, Piero and his Moldovan wife, Natalia, both work for the Grand Hilton just a few blocks from their apartment on Isola Judiaica. I met Piero on the internet through a Brazilian friend who made for us the connection.

All of us at once

When Piero heard that I was passing trough the Venice area on a day in which he had to work he began to look for a way to get together. He suggested that he come down and meet Larry and I on his next day off. At around 12:30 he arrived at the train station with Natalia and little Cristiano. This kind of trip was a cost to him of more than 200 euro and a lot of money for hotel employees so I saw it as an amazing act of friendship and did not want to miss the chance to be together and introduce them to Larry, my traveling companion.

Larry selling purses

After arrival we walked until hungry and then ate once more on the same street as the night before but while they had the Fiorentina, we settled for lighter items as Caprese and Lasagna. Then it was off for gelato, photography and a walk over Ponte Vecchio and a walk  along the Arno River

Of course, that Piero and Larry would hit it off so I just sat back and watched them discuss Italian culture and world events.

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