Entry 26 / A Week of Evangelism

October 11-18, 2010

The Class

I have about fifteen enrolled students and another three or so who are sitting in. This is not a big class but the good thing is they are all pretty focused and serious. Since my style is rather unorthodox, the first couple of days the students have the proverbial “deer in the headlights” expression on their faces. Though most of the students are English speakers those that cannot get me “first person” are really stunned because they are not able to relate my antics and facial expressions with my words. Nevertheless, at the end of the week we are all friends and comrades. The goal is to go out with the gospel on Friday and Saturday so I am working in this direction to prepare them to aggressively and intentionally encounter complete strangers, not a very Norwegian thing to do.

Andreas being strapped in

Within a couple of days everyone is getting the idea that I am not going to force them to stand on a soap box in the village square and shout their testimonies or go door to door with canned gospel presentations so they are settling into the idea evangelism as a good thing – just a way of life.

My student friend Sara happens to be a naturally gifted evangelist so she is already figuring our ways to connect with people and has a pair of  bouncing shoes (See the photo) and since she has a broken thumb she convinces Andreas to try them out.

Prayer Meeting

On Friday, I made Italian spaghetti while they went to two nearby towns. Leaving at 11 they arrived back at 2 in the afternoon with many stories of engagement and this made it easy to go out again on Saturday when I went to a coffee shop and shared the gospel with about ten people, Terier helping me by translation. After I drew a portrait, I had everyone asking and talking so from there the conversations began, invitations extended and the gospel shared.

Getting final instructions

The soup kitchen outreach

We also had a FREE Soup table with an invitation with every hot bowl of soup.

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