Entry 27 / Evangelism Services at SBI

October 15 -17, 2010

They had planned to have me preach every night from Thursday to Saturday and on Sunday morning before leaving for Oslo in the afternoon but a change of direction came when we learned that I was to preach on Sunday morning in a Brazilian church in Oslo so I was scratched out for Sunday.

On Thursday and Friday evening I preached sermons primarily directed toward Christians and the student body. On Friday night, however, they hosted a youth service and I leaned the message toward evangelism with several young people indicating decisions to trust the Lord Jesus. In particular two fourteen girls unashamedly made it clear to me that they were touched by the message. 

The worship team

Our gifted worship leader is blind

Sara is rather good-natured and accommodating so she said, “Just say whatever the Lord gives you and I will do my best to follow.” At the end, I gave an invitation with so many responding from different directions that Reidar had to run around with his Bible in his hand leading people to Christ while I stood and prayed for people at the front of the hall. Who knows, but later I heard that as many as five made commitments to Christ.

Translating a rather awkward message

After glow celebrationsMore rejoicing


All and all it was a happy night with lots of celebration.

One comment on “Entry 27 / Evangelism Services at SBI

  1. ggod stuff tony!

    blessings to you and your work!


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