Entry 28 / Brazilian Church, Oslo


The truth is it isn’t a church at all yet. I was invited to speak to a group of Brazilian ladies (about twenty) many who are victims of domestic abuse. We met in the basement Il Cammino Caffe on the bottom floor of the NORMISJON Building. The largest evangelical church in Oslo meets in the hall above them.

I had a ride into the city and after phone calls here and there I connected with my host and hostess, Gerson and Maitie Celeti who are Brazilian missionaries who have now landed in Norway after many years in Senegal, Africa.

As with Brazilian’s and others from the south, Norwegian’s have wristwatches but Latino and African people have time, so we waited beyond the starting time of 11AM before we could begin. Finally at around 11:20 a quorum had arrived and we were ready to begin with a few roughly sung choruses. As you might imagine this kind of faulty start never bothers me so much as I have spent a lifetime in church planting. I suspect that this will be a much larger group by the time I return next year. There were a handful of small children and no more than two men, both Norwegians.

At the conclusion of my message I invited people to receive aand follow Jesus. There were only two men in attendance and both were Norwegians, husbands of Brazilian women. One of the men paid no attention whatsoever while they other, Johannes listened to every word and at the end raised his his hand to the invitation. I make no claim to know what goes on in the human heart. I once thought I knew but now I am pretty sure that I am able to predict nothing. I know of some people that appeared to be completely sold out and even weathered critism for the name of Jesus but today they are no where to be found while others seemed to me to make faulty, half -hearted starts, only to continue for many years, growing deeper all of the time. As my old friend and Bible teacher, Peter Ayling, once said, “Five years should tell us if they got anything or not.”

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