Entry / 30 Oslo, Norway

Thursday Morning, October 21, 2010 from Eltham (London).

Blogging at the Tudor Barn

I arrived here yesterday and with only four more days of this tour I finish up my report on Norway from here. I am sitting on a sofa in the Tudor Barn coffee shop near the church where I stay. I have had a rough night of it with a bed that didn’t cooperate and some concerning news that I received from home last evening.  I am tired but will do my best to catch up with some blogging today.

Written yesterday on Flight DY104 from Oslo

My lodging at The GO Center

I am now on a Norwegian Air flight to London, Gatwick. It is Wednesday at about 1PM Norwegian time and I should be in London an hour later their time (1 hour ahead).

The GO Center Main Facility

Completely overwhelmed by the openness and reception here in Norway I don’t know what to do in the future. I made the funny comment to Norwegian friends that talking to Norwegian audiences when compared to southern or Latino was something akin to playing basketball with a half inflated ball. The ball looks right until one tries to bounce it and then it just bounces less and less until it lays flat, unmoving, dead still on the floor. It has been this way for me. Whether it is humorous or serious, I face the same expressionless personalities. Yet, at the end of things there seems to be a favorable response. Perhaps still waters indeed do run deep. Afterall, Norwegians have been tenacious missionaries on some of the most difficult fields of the world.

Some of the forty or more students

For instance, I felt that many of messages fell flat but then afterward those who seem to understand the culture better than I do have had encouraging things to say. There were personal comments as well, with church attendees and students stopping to express their appreciation. There were those who said that they were touched and many who made decisions to follow Christ.

This leaves me in a quandary of sorts. I now have invitations to return to Norway in the spring. Both the Lutheran and Free Pentecostal denominations, Smyrna Bible Institute and The Go Center have asked me to return. Gerson Celeti has asked that I speak on Evangelism in the Marketplace at a Tentmakers Conference in Bergen on the west coast during the first week of June.  The SBI wants me to return to teach Bible and perhaps an outreach course on watercolor. Reidar Gamst is arranging for me to preach in the churches both west and south. In all, they have asked that I be available to them for a month from the last week of April through the first week of June. I would hope that, should I decide to do this, that I would have a window in the schedule for a trip to my friends in Slovenia and my beloved Italy.



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