Entry 31 / Gunnar and Roar

Tuesday morning chapel

After my morning chapel session at “GO Center” Maitie dropped me at the train and I went to the city center to meet Gunnar and Roar at the Frontiers ministry office. We lunched over, what else? Bread, cheese, jelly and there was this “to die for” shrimp spread that I hovered over.



ACCI (Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives )and NLL (New Life Literature). I have these friends, Gunnar from Volda on the coast and Roar in Oslo. They are both just about my age so we have a lot of laughs amidst serious discussions regarding how we might more effectively change the world after we are dead. We serve on cooperating Boards and I assist them in trying to print and distribute Bibles to persecuted Christians. I would tell you more about the details but then I would have to kill you. Really, some of what they are engaged in we just couldn’t tell you about but only to say, “It is rather clever and as equally risky.” 

Roar took us to “The Ali-Babba” where we had Turkish kabobs.

Turkish Kabob

Following several hours of talking and “Blue Sky” thinking we went out to eat in “Little Asia” a part of Oslo that takes you to the streets of Cairo or Mogadishu. It is all of a sudden another world with scores of men just milling about in front of stores, burqa’d women from many parts of the Arab world hustling with baby strollers through the crowded streets. All of a sudden, there appears trash, trash everywhere on the streets. It is a different way of thinking about living collectively. Norway is within forty years of being more Arab-Asian than Norwegian. Blonde hair and blue  eyes will be something of the past. This isn’t a racist statement, it is a fact. Presently ten percent of Oslo is made up of people of color but these immigrants are having far more children than those of Norwegian decent so combined with the present immigration patterns, perhaps all of Europe will be called, “Eurasia” as is being suggested. Just today in Eltham, a London suburb not the most known for ethnic shift, most of the school aged children and young adults are people of color.

We let Gunnar off at the train and went on to spend the evening in front of the fire, drinking tea and eating Norwegian waffles at Roar and Lillis’ house.

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