Entry 32 / Men’s Curry Night

Apparently the English thing to do.

As many know, the national dish of England is not “fish ‘n chips” or “bangers ‘n mash” but rather curried chicken. On Friday evening Pastor John Watson spent a few hours pulling together dinner for about twenty-five men. I had no idea that there were so many grades and styles of curried chicken so when he had it all set out, there were four different trays that ranged from spicy to whhhhussssssy. I took a plate of whussy.

I spoke on, “A Man Sent from God.”

There was a man sent from God and his name was John.” I contrasted the contemporary concept of what a man sent from God might look like to that of the Biblical examples. I wanted to ask the question, “What does an anointed man of God look like?” All of the world and especially in the United States there is the fallacious idea that a man must be sent from God if he is popular, handsome, flies on jets and stays in five-star hotels. The concept of anointing is also, in my opinion, misapprehended. In the scriptures, the most anointed people were mistreated, misunderstood and  ultimately killed. John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul, they were all anointed and equally as despised and rejected. How do we know, maybe someone right at one of these tables is ‘a man sent from God and his name is” Mike, Steve or Jim.

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