Entry 33 / Some advice on packing

Someone should remind me to bring along more sweaters and fewer pairs of pants. I have live out of a suitcase for more than ten years now and have learned (or at least I had thought that I had learned) what to take for the region and the season. Of course, Canada is never predictable so larger suitcases may be required when traveling there. I did, however, have it in my mind that though Norway might be some chilly from the mid of October, I did not expect so much  ”frost on the pumpkin” here in London. Perhaps I am just up and out too early but my breath is clearly visible and this little sweater and light jacket I am wearing failed to keep me warm as I walked up the hill to High Street this morning. I will report one good thing, I have not once had to open my umbrella in the more than a month I have been over here. Opps… I spoke too soon… at the moment it’s raining cats and dogs outside. By times, I have been days under the umbrella in saturating downpours with not even so much as a sunny break. Okay, all clear. Just wait a minute and English weather will change.

 It is an often repeated statement, “No one ever goes to Europe and says, “Gee, I think that I will take more stuff next time.” I have this down to miniature or portable everything. I can put six weeks into one small bag and a back pack. Admittedly, I will be returning home with almost nothing that doesn’t need to be washed. Though expensive, you may have to employ a professional laundry to do shirts and underwear. On occasion I have used the facilities in the homes where I stay.

 Here’s my list…


1 regular t with sleeves.

7 of each, underwear, t-shirts and socks.

6 shirts (5 sport and one dress).

3 blue jeans (they’re great for every day and travel).

2 kaki’s.

1 dress slack.

2 sweaters.

1 sleeveless pullover.

Dress belt.

2 Ties (weddings happen).

Neck scarf.


Rain wear ( a combination jacket works best).

A fleecy or hoodie (takes up a lot of room but a real life saver)




Camera and/or Flip video.

Cell phone.


Portable computer (the small 2.2 pound one).

Skype phone is very handy.


Plug Adapters (Mainland Europe and the UK)

Ear phones.

Inflatable neck support.

A good travel document portfolio.

Portable speakers if not too large.

Small reading light.

3 books.

Comfortable shoes. (One pair is usually enough if it’s the right pair). I like Timberland shoes… soft leather, good soles and reasonably stylish.

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