Entry 34 / Sunday Morning at Eltham

Portrait of Pastor John Watson

I was quite happy to have a few days to simply stay in my room or wander the streets by myself. I was pretty much peopled out and needed some personal time. My host couple, Mike and Jane Haley who live on the same floor and sleep in the room next to mine (they claim that I snore) were happy to allow me to be myself. They said,”Look just come and go as ya like and if ya want something jist let us know.” I think we’re good enough friends now that we can just be frank as we need to be. Anyway, I didn’t do much on Saturday but hang around the Costa Coffee Shop on High Street and draw pictures of its’ customers. Later in the evening I went out for dinner at a restaurant called Electriq where I had a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. On the way home I stopped by the Tudor Barn to have a cup of coffee and found the place empty but as I left and went around the shrubbery to the gate I met with four young but profane girls in their early teens. As we talked, I encouraged them to choose something different for their futures. They wanted me to give them money for fags and drugs. This encounter haunted me for most of the night as I pondered the overall cultural environment and thought, “What will these and thousands of other young people grow up to be in a world of such chaos and bad parenting.”

Sunday morning at Eltham Green Community Church

In the morning I dressed and went to prayer and then preached to about 100 or more people. This, by American standards of success is nothing but one must understand that this congregation and perhaps two other  African churches are the only expressions of the gospel within miles. People simply do not go to church nor do they have any thought that they should. The message seemed to be enjoyed by all in attendance.

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