My new traveling companion

This isn’t completely true.

Though she hasn’t tramped around Europe with me until now, Jeanne has traveled through a lot with me. Every hairbrained idea from moving to Canada (actually this was her idea), buying a commune farm with three other families, breeding exotic cattle, opening an advertising agency, planting  four churches, moving here and there…  Just about the time we would get settled and begin to earn a decent salary, off we’d go again. Jeanne would willingly pack her boxes and start all over.

When I came home the first time from visiting nine nations of Europe, I sat her down on the back deck of our house on West 106th Street in Bloomington and said, “I think the Lord is calling me to serve in Italy.” Jeanne is a slow processor so she just looked at me, maybe trying to figure out if it was just another phase and, if given a few days, I might forget all about it (or change my mind). After several days, she said her usual, “Well, if you think this is what the Lord wants you to do, then I’m with you in it.” Being “with me in it” didn’t mean that she would immediately give up her job, sell the house, and move overseas. It meant that if we went broke trying she wouldn’t criticize or complain. She just threw her lot in and for the next twelve years she went to work every day so I could afford to give up my job and bring in what I could through support. She spent approximately three years on her own during that period when I was traveling. 

But now she is retired and ready to roll. On Tuesday, we go for two months to Europe (mostly Norway), where Jeanne will have to be flexible and live in cultures she can’t quite figure out. But she’s okay with this and feels it’s the Lord’s timing for her. I believe she has much to offer through prayer, teaching, and encouragement. Specifically, I can’t wait to see all of the women she impacts. There are so many wives and mothers, both nationals, expatriates, and missionaries who need encouragement from someone with the experience she has had. I can’t wait to tell the stories as we go. Stay tuned here at 4euroinformation as she joins me blogging through our travel and ministry.

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