Entry 2 / Norway and SBI

Smyrna students enjoying the earlier than usual spring

If you want to find us on a map we are south of Oslo. Just go straight down the west side of the fiord and then find the city of Horten. It is located on the sea right above Tonsberg and across from Moss. Now take your finger and go toward the west and if you enlarge the map big enough you will find the village of Ravelen. We are in the country about ten K northeast of Ravelen.

After our luggage arrived we were picked up by the SBI Headmaster Reidar Gamst at the GA UT (GO OUT) Training Center near Oslo and driven to Smyrna Bible Institute. There we were met by a happy group of friends and students, got settled, ate, and rushed to a meeting to hear a visiting “prophet” from England by the name of Peter Barnes.

Peter Barnes

Most of you will know that I am not a prophet chaser per se. I don’t go around looking to have my future told. This doesn’t at all mean that I don’t believe in prophesy, I do and in fact on many occasions I have delivered a word of prophesy and have seen these prognostications come to pass. I have all of a sudden changed gears in my classrooms and have begun to prophesy over the students, but I would never bill myself as a prophet that will have a word for people at 7PM  on Thursday evening. I would be scared to death that people would show up and nothing would happen. I am afraid I would fall flat on my face. So when they said they had a visiting prophet, I went with suspicion. I am leery of Christians who have their lives directed by a word here and a word there. I don’t think that this either advisable or biblical.

Well, I must say, Peter doesn’t know me at all, but if he isn’t a prophet, he rode with Jeanne, Reidar and I to Smyrna in the same van, as he said identically what I said in the ride from Oslo. I mean not just “sort of” but exactly. Okay, he did say some things that I will have to wait and see on but for that much he most definitely was a prophet and a fly on the wall. In telling you this, I am not encouraging people to chase a prophet but when they show up (if they have good references by trusted people)  hear them and then weigh carefully what they have said. Watch for confirmation. I have met some “prophets” that were complete idiots. Peter doesn’t seem to one of those people. He was likeable, humble, approachable, and biblical in every way.

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