Entry 5 / SBI, Norway and more of Tonsberg

The waterfront promenade at Tonsberg

We thought it a good idea to give Jeanne a quick glimpse of Norwegian villiage life so we made a quick trip to the seafront where they have a boardwalk and cute but EXPENSIVE restaurants (You will notice that I continue to mention the high price of eating out. To be fore warned is to be fore armed.) Here, this should give you an idea of what I mean. Two normal sized and fairly respectable pizzas came to seventy-eight American dollars with no drinks but tap water. The Beatles were paid an enormous amount of money when they appeared in New York’s, Madison Square Garden. I am

It’s not all work

told this was the highest per minute salary ever paid ever at any time in history. In this case, we may have the world record for cost per slice. Just think of it. Each pizza was $36. There were six slices so each slice was six dollars. A slice is ¼ of an inch thick and at its heel four inches wide. Tell me, does this make sense? Each slice would not bear two dollars worth of ingredients. Nevertheless, we were so excited to just have a seat in the sun, overlooking the sea, we didn’t bat an eye.

Strolling further along we came to a living museum where traditional craftsmen demonstrate the building of Viking sailing vessels right down to the ornate sculpting of motifs and Celtic decorations into the wood. In these pictures you will see what I mean.

A wood carver


2 comments on “Entry 5 / SBI, Norway and more of Tonsberg

  1. kim gray says:

    Wow can’t believe how expensive it is for pizza, but looks like the view and atmosphere made up for it. Doesn’t seem like an ideal vacation spot for a family of 6 though! Have fun!

    Kim & Dan

    • tonyhedrick says:

      Don’t forget, everything is relative. They have North Sea Oil holding up the economy so they can afford to travel to other places but costly to live here yet everyone lives (in praise of Socialism a much hated word in America) extremely well. Socialism works like a charm in countries where there is lots of money to begin with. It doesn’t work so good in Bulgaria or Serbia.

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