Entry 7 / SBI A tranquil start

I am often called upon to preach when I first arrive but this first Sunday I got a break so I was allowed to get re-calibrated so to speak before being put in front of people. Since I know many of the people here (Jeanne does not) it was nice to have the time to be in the audience worshipping and given the time to ease into things. It was nice for Jeanne that some of the worship is in English and familiar to her.

I will often preach five times in one week and I am told that this is coming next week when I will be preaching a mini-series of four meetings in a row. We have decided that on Saturday evening May 14th, we will suspend preaching and throw and outreach party called Mexicali Rosa’s, Café del Sol Taco and Burritos Fiesta. There will be more about this later but we hope to bring in as many as two-hundred or more for the authentic Mexican dinner. Since this is only two weeks away, I have had to put my full weight behind the planning and assigning the roles.

It was also enjoyable that following the service they loaded up the grill and held a barbecue. For SBI this is not so much an American thing as it is Brazilian or Argentinean. For years the students and faculty have been making month-long mission trips to South America and have brought back some of the cuisine with them.

This is not a Brazilian

In fact, they have not only brought back cuisine, they have brought back students as well. They have two students from Brazil. Even though they cannot speak Norwegian, they came anyway and have since picked up enough of the language to understand most of the lecture content.

This year they had three cross-cultural trips, one to China, a second to Argentina and a third to Ghana. Some of the ladies had their hair done in the typical Ghanaian braids. I am told that this work took the hair dresser eight hours to do and they were paid the handsome sum of 119NOK ($16) for the effort. My only thought is, who takes it out and how long an exercise is this expected to be?

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