Entry 11 / Norway

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”



What does a class look like?

Frankly, not much different from what it does anywhere else I teach,  Bethany College of Missions, YWAM, Bethany Wesleyan College, Progetto Archippo and others.

Mostly I am engaged in one of two things. Either I am involved in spiritual formation or ministry preparation. This past week I taught on why theology matters. Though this sounds like a rather dry subject, I think, by the end of the week, most had a handle on the importance of the course and life was breathed into the verse “rightly dividing the Word of God.”  

Over thirty years ago the Lord spoke to us from Hebrews 5, as we were driving between Brantford and  Toronto, Ontario. He made it clear that we would be involved in raising up ministry leaders. At the time it seemed rather unlikely, but we took it as His voice and though we didn’t particularly pursue this calling, it turned out to be the case and here we have been for at least 15 years.

I sometimes wonder. It seems that I am “unknown, and yet well-known” as Paul described himself. I always wanted to have a huge impact, like leading major crusades, but God has seen fit to make my venues  rather small and out-of-the-way. I don’t have huge crowds flocking to sit under my instruction and so I question God’s economics ability. In spite of this, in talking to Jeanne, we discovered that, even though we are not well-known, we have (by God’s grace) significantly imprinted the lives of many who are engaged in world-changing far beyond our capacity. They do “greater things than we do” and we feel as though we have multiplied ourselves. So, it really doesn’t matter as much how big the crowd as it does who is in the crowd. I often feel very privileged to be given permission to speak into the hearts of many of these future missionaries, pastors, youth leaders and Christian professionals. We are blessed in the doing!

4 comments on “Entry 11 / Norway

  1. The Bull says:

    “it really doesn’t matter as much how big the crowd as it does who is in the crowd” – I like this.

    Are you coming via little Eltham this summer?

  2. Amy Haley says:

    Ran into one of your former students serving in Central Asia and he said that he was just thinking of writing you to say that the other day he was remembering your mother’s Bible inscription – TT (tried and true) – something you mentioned in class at one time. I think it is really neat – as you say – that there are people positioned all over the world remembering something that you said through the power of God within the walls of these small venues.

  3. Sarah Buchkosky says:

    I am one of those many people you have impacted.

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