Entry 13 / Norway

It seems as though eating is all we are engaged in.

Perhaps I have more pictures of me at a table than anyone in the world. We do have lots of opportunity to try new items and socialize around food. Actually, you will find that when you are without transportation the highlight of the day is not seeing a new landmark but rather eating a new way to cook fish.

Here we are eating what Norwegians consider to be a Saturday special – a traditional and national treat – a kind of porage made from rice. The next day they made a desert with what was left over. On the porage they sprinkle cinnamon or sugar, others put dollops of strawberry jam or a splash of raspberry sauce.

Then later in the evening it was an outdoor dinner party on the veranda featuring a superb Chicago style pizza. Karin is one good baker and the crust was crispy but chewy with wonderful Italian toppings. I was surprised that Norwegians with their inclinations toward healthy foods would have opted for toppings of broccoli and cauliflower but nope, it was the real thing with all sorts of greasy items I could easily recognize.


Finally, sometimes you find a treasure. Here is our friend Ingres. I have known her for about two years and now Jeanne has her for a friend as well. I used to call her “Slave Girl” on Facebook but this nick name seemed to make people nervous and cause them to wonder what kind of relationship I was having with Ingres. I assure you, it was all on the up and up. Ingres was assigned to be my “Girl Friday” and the “go to” person anytime I needed something while here at SBI. She turned out to be my cultural informer, translator, chauffeur and she even did my wash a couple of times. Ingres has an authentic servants heart and we wish you could know her too. She is always busy and though she is a school teacher she makes herself available to cook in the kitchen, clean and work with the children in the Kid’s for Christ Club. We are blessed.

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