Entry 15/ Norway

My morning walk…

Note these unusual trees. Anyone know what they are?

While Tony has been teaching his classes, I’ve had the luxury of spending my time as I please… something I haven’t been free to do for years. So I’ve been reading my Bible, writing, praying, and taking walks around the beautiful countryside here. Here are a few pictures of my favorite walking path. With my feet problems, I have to keep my daily walking to between 20 and 40 minutes.

Smyrna Bible Institute

The school where we are is set high on a hill that overlooks the farms with newly plowed and seeded fields. The trees are budding out in response to all the warm temperatures and bright sun, and flowers like lily of the valley and tulips are adding color to the green grass beside the roadway. I usually tackle the steep hill climb first, before I get too tired, and am rewarded by a

Lay of the land

lovely steep descent on my way back. One part of the walk is through woods, where I see new birds and trees that I’ve not seen before. And if I walk far enough (the 40 minute version), I pass by a small village with houses and a lovely Lutheran church complete with a small graveyard and high steeple. Sometimes I pass by some pretty impressive bikers trucking up the steep hill without even looking tired. One day I met a friendly man (who looked to be in his eighties) walking his bicycle up the hill in anticipation no doubt of enjoying the ride back down to where he lived. He graciously let me take his picture and cheerfully called as I turned to leave, “Enjoy your trip.”  I wish I knew enough Norwegian to reply in kind. All I could manage was the one word I’ve learned: “Tusen takk!” (a thousand thanks)

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