Entry 20 / Norway’s National Day

Breakfast with Lillis and Roar Haldorsen Strat

See more photographs on Entry 21 

Before heading down to Italy, we were invited to spend a day and two evenings at our dear friends’ house in Oslo. The first night, Roar and Lillis Haldorsen Strat treated us to a fabulous meal of fresh grilled salmon with traditional Norwegian cake and ice cream for dessert. They also planned a truly fantastic day on the 17th, determined to help us experience the Norwegian national holiday in all its glory. We began the day by going to a local school where some of their grandchildren were marching in a parade. Then we drove downtown to the parade that outshines every parade Tony and I have ever attended. Lasting three hours, school after school marched down the avenue to be admired by all us onlookers and waved at by the king and queen of Norway and their son, the crown prince, and his wife and children. The Norwegian flag was seen everywhere – carried and waved with obvious pride by its citizens. The colors and patterns of the national costumes were so diverse and beautiful that I soon became quite overwhelmed in trying to take it all in. There are distinct patterns and styles associated with each region of the country and nearly everyone who owns one of these costumes wears it proudly all day. Since Lillis is from the Bergen region (west coast), she made Roar a costume to match hers and they looked so impressive in them that many people stopped to take their picture. I had a scary experience of almost getting lost in that enormous crowd and prayed my way back to the safely of their company, being a lot more careful to stay close after that. After the parade was over and we listened to a men’s choir sing traditional Norwegian songs, we all headed down to the harbor area to climb aboard Roar’s son’s sailboat and had lunch out on its deck! The day ended with a church service in an old church that sits next to the Oslo fjord and just down the road from the king’s beautiful country estate. What a day! We took hundreds of photos and have included some of them below to give you a taste of what we saw. We returned to their house to have fresh strawberries and ice cream before we all fell into bed. The next morning Roar and Lillis drove us to the bus station to begin our day-long trip to Italy.

The jovial Mr. Strat getting ready for the day


Our best outfits were not nearly as impressive as their

Preparing for parade

One comment on “Entry 20 / Norway’s National Day

  1. Amy Haley says:

    wow, such a beautiful display. Roar and Lillis looks so wonderful! You also blended in very nicely. good choice for your outfits. what an incredible experience.

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