“OLD FRIENDS” by Bill Gaither

This trip to Canada had for us one purpose and that was to revisit our many old friends and encourage them in the faith. Almost every night has been blessed with supper in one home or another. We started this journey almost forty years ago and along the way have picked up a hundred relationships which, quite honestly, turn out to be closer than family.

Except for the occasional short visit we have been away from the Ottawa Valley for nearly sixteen years. It seems remarkable to me that we step back into these friendships without a glitch, as though no time has passed at all. We have picked up right where we have left off.

In these blogs you will meet just a fraction of these dear friends. We wish you could know them as we do. Many have been loyal for almost forty years. Our children grew up with their children. Frankly, we have gone through “STUFF” together. We are woven together in the bundle of life.

Old friends, after all of these years,

just old friends, through laughter and tears,

old friends, what a find, what a priceless treasure,

old friends, like a rare piece of gold,

my old friends, make it great to grow old,

old friends, with all I will hold to old friends.

Now God must have known,

there’d be days on our own,

we would lose the will to go on,

that’s why he sent,  friends like you along.

Old friends, you’ve always been there,

my old friends, we’ve had more than our share,

old friends, we’re all millionaires, in old friends.

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