I slipped out of the door before 6:30 and went on out to Bell’s Corners where I would sip coffee at “Second Cup” until 7:15 when I would drive out to meet up with a Men’s Breakfast Club group from Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church. They’ve been meeting for a number of years and I have imposed on their generosity a number of times in the past. Randy Morris always (without fail) invites me.

It was fun eating eggs, bacon and toast with these five or so guys. Randy Morris, Randy Haw, Stephen Kidd, Mike, Rob Walker, Jeff Robertson and David.

Bev, Alison and Chuck

Later, in the afternoon we ventured over to visit with some of our oldest and closest friends the Frankishes. Chuck is a doctor and was still at work so we managed a long catch up visit with Bev and Alison. Their son, Ian, though only in his third year is accepted to medical school in Calgary and already hard at work so we missed him (regrettably).

Finally, after a trip to Starbuck’s and back to their house again, Chuck arrived and Bev busied herself in making a huge meal of grilled chicken, steamed carrots, broccoli, salad, rolls and lots more that I forget right now. We spent a long time at the table and then, after we had covered most things and moved toward small talk, I turned them on to the comedian Brian Regan. We watched and giggled our way through about ten YouTube videos. Chuck’s favorites had to do with emergency wards, visits to the doctor and so forth.

It was a great time of fellowship and we wish we had more time on this visit – time to drive the five hours to their gorgeous cottage on Georgian Bay. However, our agenda has been set by the Lord. We are here to see as many people as we are able and hope to encourage them in the Lord. This little trip to the cottage will have to wait for some other time. The Frankishes are like family and the invitation remains open.

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