I just can’t wait on this one

This blog entry doesn’t fall into chronological order but in the interest of arousing jealousy, I have decided to put it in early.

I had  planned with Mark Peterkins to make this our day to visit White Lake about an hour from Ottawa. I try to get there as often as I can and for about four months of the year it ranks as my favorite, must see and be places when in the Ottawa Valley. For the most part I have had good success fishing this lake. Apparently it has good stocks of pickerel (walleye), pike and small mouth bass but for the last several years I have caught nothing but large mouth – LOT’S of LARGE MOUTH.

My son in the faith, Mark and I launched his boat from Pickerel Bay at about two in the afternoon and by six in the evening had landed about twelve bass in rough, choppy waters. We did try to fish the edges or behind the shelter of an island but still found the brisk wind hard to reckon with.

Our launch

I will be honest and tell you that Mark picked off about five of the seven keepers but he had the unfair advantage of being at the helm with his right foot demonstrating a clear, self-interested bias as he directed us from place to place. He continued to leave me aft as he pitched a purple, rubber worm into one hole after another pulling out bass as he went. Most of the catch fell in the one and a half to two-pound range. The water is so clear and clean that I have at least one plate full every time I am here. Even as I type Jeanne is rolling the fish in egg, flour and cornmeal.

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