Our friends the Fosters

A snap shot of Ottawa Valley Canadiana

The Fosters

Driving out to the Foster farm was a nice break from the concrete and litter of Ottawa streets. We passed fields and fields of ripening corn – very high and healthy looking this year – and rambling farm houses as neat as a pin. Steve Foster works for the experimental farm, but he also has his own farm (formerly owned by his parents) in cultivation. Before supper, he and Tony took a swim

Steve as a dwarf

in their roomy above ground pool and also took a stroll to examine the soybean and corn crop. While they were doing that, Wendy and I caught up with our family news and enjoyed the lovely setting behind their house. Their farm is beautifully situated just a little north and east of the town of Richmond. Richmond is where Lauren Carrion and Andrew Roth will be living when they get married next month. It is also where Ken and Linda Roth live (pastors of Chapel Ridge Church). The Richmond area is still quite rural, but no doubt it will one day be captured by the expanding city of Ottawa and its suburbs.

Wendy and Steve always treat us to wonderful food and fellowship. This night we enjoyed barbequed steaks, corn on the cob (local corn here is amazingly good!), salad, rolls, and some yummy blueberry buckle (with ice cream) for dessert. You can see why I am putting on weight the longer I stay in Ontario! You will immediately recognize that Jeanne is responsible for this column. It would not be possible to recognize if I put on weight.  

After supper Wendy and I watched as the sun set behind their green fields, a kaleidoscope of purple, pink, and orange hues. They are blessed to have such a lovely place to live, and they seem to love to share it with others (like us). They often host church gatherings, like showers and picnics, and are generous in their gifts to the Lord’s work. I sure did enjoy our relaxing time there!  

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