Chapel Ridge Annual Picnic and Welcome Party

A Change of Plans for the Picnic

Tony and Jeanne in front of Chapel Ridge

The plan on this particular Sunday was to have the annual Chapel Ridge church picnic at the Foster farm following the morning service. But after enjoying many sunny days here in the Ottawa area, Sunday arrived with rain and low clouds, not a good sign for a clear afternoon. So the flexible Chapel Ridge bunch cheerfully switched to Plan B… having the picnic inside the church. Fortunately, one of the church members, Karen Robertson, had already precooked the hamburgers, so it was pretty easy to warm them up in the  oven and cook the hot dogs on the stove. Who needs a barbeque?

 It was a great time to catch up with some people we weren’t able to spend a lot of time with otherwise, to marvel over how much their children and grandchildren have grown, and to watch a rather elaborate group game unfold. The idea of the game was to trick other people out of their two clothespins by getting them to inadvertently say a few key words. I thought I was pretty safe from being robbed since I had no intention of saying these key words (after all, my memory isn’t that bad!), but wouldn’t you know it… one of the Peterkins boys tricked me, fooled me, in such a slick manner that I hardly knew what was happening until it was too late. Ben takes after his dad, Mark, in having the kind of sense of humor that loves to fool with ya. Anyone who knows Mark will know what I mean! Way to go, Ben!

P.S. from Tony: In the end, the mischievous Ben won the entire thing by collecting twenty-one pins. Jeanne was not the only naive person in the fellowship hall that day.

Perhaps not the best examples

It was great to sit on the back row during the service with Tony and watch the body of Christ bring us into worship through music and prayer, and into a greater understanding of the Word through preaching. A new associate pastor has joined the congregation – Phil Hamilton and his wife Chris, who have a baby called Mylo – and at the end of the service Tony was asked to come up and pray over this family. It’s a neat spiritual connection that goes back to the days that Tony was helping plant a church in Kingston, Ontario, with Ken Roth. Tony lived with Phil’s great-grandfather, Sylvester, when he was in Kingston, and he knew Phil’s grandparents, Richard and Eunice, mother and father as well. His aunt Tammy is the Canadian bookkeeper for ACCI and was in Tony’s College and Careers class more than twenty-five years ago.  It’s such a joy to see younger generations of Christians stepping up to take their place in the Body. Phil and Chris are gifted musically and also have experience working with children, so I know they are going to be such a blessing to Chapel Ridge Church. And I know they will be blessed also, through working with this amazing group of Christians.

2 comments on “Chapel Ridge Annual Picnic and Welcome Party

  1. DaveMatthews says:

    Its so cool that you and Phil and Kristen Hamilton crossed paths at Chapel ridge.When I returned to attending “a church” just over a year ago,God found it appropriate to plunk me down in the midst of Phil and Alan Adams…Agood place for me to be…They both since have moved on,Phil to Chapel Ridge and Alan to semi -kinda-sorta retirement (Ya, right!)…and I gotaa tell ya..I really miss ’em..Godly,very approachable men of God,I beleive

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