The Vincents, Neighbors and friends

For about five or six years we lived on Flewellyn Road on the east of the church we pastored. It turned out that one of our neighbors was a recently widowed English lady by the name of Sylvia Vincent. She lived there with two of her daughters, Jacqueline and Heidi. That was twenty years ago, so at that time the eldest was only then slightly more than twenty years of age. (Jacqueline served as the photographer at our daughter Amy’s wedding in 1993.)

Jacqueline, Heidi and Slyvia with Jeanne

Since then, Sylvia and Heidi have written and published several children’s books. Both of the girls now have university degrees and Jacqueline has her own business (a business I do not understand), so a lot has transpired since we moved away some sixteen years ago.

During those years of neighborly interaction we developed a great fondness for one another, so we weren’t surprised to have Sylvia and Heidi call and come for a visit when they were in Minneapolis (where we were living at the time) for a children’s book conference. Unless we are rushed for time, we almost always drop in on them when we are in the Kanata-Stittsville area as well. That’s what Jeanne did while I was at Tim Horton’s visiting with Jamie Robertson on Wednesday the 17th. It was then that we made plans to get together for dessert at the Lindenhoff Restaurant down in “Little Italy.”

So then, on Friday evening we all got together for apple streusel and coffee. I think Sylvia insisted on some other delicacy that featured chocolate as a principal ingredient. More  important than the food, however, was the fellowship we enjoyed as former neighbors and sisters in Christ. Their visit was a tremendously encouraging and fun time for Jeanne and me. We treasure the gifts given to us by Heidi and Jackie and hope to stay in touch with these delightful ladies.

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