Coffee with Roar

After breakfast, we packed our belongings and stored them for safekeeping while I walked Pete down to Oslo’s glamorous water front. Along the way I took a few pics of Pete standing in front of things so he would have proof that, at least for one fleeting day, he really did visit Oslo.


As far as we know, there is absolutely no significance to either of these pictures.

On the way back I took him by the King’s Palace, where a small crowd had gathered. Upon asking, I learned that momentarily the Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, was coming out of the palace doors to announce the winner(s) of the Noble Peace Prize. I thought it might make us seem more important than we are if we waited to get a glimpse and a picture of him. As though he was just waiting on our arrival, he appeared, I got the photo and listened for a brief moment to a statement too garbled for me to capture a word except for “Liberia” and “activist”.

After this historic interlude, Pete and I marched on over another six blocks to Roar’s office. Begun by Greg Livingstone, Roar is the director of Frontiers Norway, an organization which has as its mission statement, “With love and respect, inviting all Muslims to follow Jesus.”

So then, Roar has a heart for people of Arab descent and once he laid eyes on Pete, he took to him like a fish to water. As they talked and I listened (surprised?) Roar made the suggestion that he would show Pete around to places I have already visited and so an hour later we parted company until time to catch the bus.

Apparently, Pete had a grand time being chauffeured to many places we would have never reached by foot in a short time visiting the city. We met again at three, loaded our things and went to the bus for Svinvoll (Pigville).

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