Sunday Service at Oasen

While Peter is out walking in nature AGAIN – Pete loves nature – I took a nap (I love naps) and once awake decided to enter one more blog.

with my translator and friend Sara Anderson

I have no idea of how many blogs I have written in the past that have almost the same images in different locations. As similar as all of these blogs are, I suppose this is what it is all about. I am always on a platform preaching somewhere and often, thankfully, people make life altering decisions, though it has little to do with me or my messages. I know this is true because I ask them. I ask them in this way, “Was there something I said this morning that caused you to respond?” They almost always answer in the same way, “I don’t know what you said. I don’t think I was really paying much attention.” Well, that kind of comment can make a guy who spends hours praying, studying, thinking, writing, trying to find just the right way of saying a thing feel like he has wasted a colossal amount of his time. But, truthfully, this is often the way it turns out.

Many responded

I think my message was pretty interesting but who knows and especially when one has a translator – translation can always make it more “iffy.” I am not the easiest guy in the world to translate since I rely on a thousand idioms the translator has never heard before. Oh well, in spite of me, it all turned out well as it often does with many people responding and lives being changed along the way. When I return next spring or some other time, I will see the changes as I so often do.

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”                                            JOHN 3:8

2 comments on “Sunday Service at Oasen

  1. Eva-Lill says:

    Just so you know; I thought your sermon was pretty awesome, and I pay some attention in class. (At least I think so, because I have caught my self taking notes several times.)
    I’m a natural at looking dumb combined with the fact that I live at least 86,3 % of my life inside my head, and thinks that if i respond inside, the outside knows it. I do apologize for this. Maybe I’m at 79% when you get back.
    Love you in Jesus’ name, even though it’s not Tuesday yet.
    (I’m not commenting on your blog because this post blew me away, but because I’m trying this “unpredictable” thing you talked about)
    Virtual hug from a safe distance from Eva 🙂

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