“Growing in confidence daily”

This headline is for my daughter Rachel, who once had a good laugh after I uttered this line when I used it to explain the development of my watercolor painting skills. She probably thought this was just soooooo dad of me. I tackle everything with gusto and determination. Well, today I had another grand experience…

… I became a television star…

Well, not really but it was pretty interesting. I was asked by my friend Kevin if I would be willing to teach a Bible study on camera for national broadcast. At first the entire idea scared me since I have never done such a thing before. I kept thinking that we would be stopping over and over. In the back of my mind I could hear someone yelling, “CUT!” “RETAKE!” I could imagine the exasperation of working with me on such a project.

This is not some small deal. These are real television cameras. It’s a real studio. Real people are going to see it, so I almost said “No.” But then I remembered – I was just reading John Ortberg’s book, You Can’t Walk on Water Unless You Get Out of the Boat, and thought, “Okay, Tony, here’s a water walking moment if you ever had one.” At four o’clock today, I got out of the boat and had one heck of a time. There were no CUTS and no RETAKES. It seemed (according to Kevin the producer) to go like a charm with the oft asked question, “You mean you’ve never done this before?”

I did have fun and quite honestly I am growing in confidence daily – so much so I’m going to do another one on Friday. I don’t know very much about what I have just done, but as a complete amateur, I think it came off pretty good for a first try. I hope what I had to say makes it across Norway and into many homes.

2 comments on ““Growing in confidence daily”

  1. Amy Haley says:

    I am certainly not surprised at your natural take to television cameras. Is anyone out there surprised? Just as I wasn’t surprised that you could rule the courtroom. I think that you and the apostle Paul (and perhaps Virginia Hedrick) share some gifts in common 🙂

  2. Jevy says:

    YOUTUBEEEEEE! Post it brotha!

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