Now that was some kind of day!


TThe student body

Friday was incredibly busy. On Thursday evening I preached then the next morning I tought for four hours straight, took a mid-day meal they call dinner

My evangelism class

and then to the studio for two more programs, a short break and off to Rivetal to speak again. In all, I was talking for about seven hours. Sometimes I think, “What if I run out of things to say?” or “What if I just forget which message is which?” Most people assume that I am totally relaxed when I preach. I suppose to those unaccustomed to public speaking, I might look that way, but I assure you that I am always rather panicked underneath it all. I’m okay I’m up and at ‘er but when I’m sitting there waiting, during the worship, I am thinking, “When is it my turn, when is it going to be my turn?” It’s not that I think I am more important than worship, I’m just afraid everything in my mind and heart will suddenly evaporate and I will wind up totally stymied.

Truth is, I’m also feeling a little bit like a race horse in the gate waiting for post time and the starting bell… “an he’s off an’ running!” As they say, “He’s chomping at the bit,” and I am.

Ministry at the local pizza restaurant

Pete headed back home in the middle of the night when Ida drove him to Gardermoen airport and at noon today I will be flying to Venice with seven students. We will be picked up there and driven to Ljubljana, Slovenia where on Sunday morning I will preach again and the students will provide ministry. I don’t have one boring moment.

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