On the way from Rygge to Ljubljana

The team minus Belinda

On Saturday at noon we all loaded into a van for Horten and the ferry across to Moss and then to Rygge where we flew the – “The Customer is Always Right Airline, Ryan Air” to Venice. Alright, those of you who have flown Ryan know first hand that the customer must always be on the defensive. When they say a bag must weigh ten kilo, they mean it. When they say the boarding pass must be printed on A3 paper, they mean it. Yes, the rates are super low but it’s rigged. They set it up so you have to spend money wherever you land. The reason you can fly from Norway to Venice for 19 euro? The airport pays Ryan for you to land there.

Anyhow, we apparently did it right  because we did land in Venice and twenty minutes early. Ryan boasts a ninety-eight % “on-time” record – the best in Europe and they keep their promise. I’ve never been late.

At Marco Polo airport we were picked up in a van (good thing as the suitcases were enormous!). Mitjah loaded us up and hauled us off some three hours to Ljubljana and to our beds at the top of the church. The five girls were put in one room, the two guys in another on the first floor and I had my own room. Except for five women using the shower (we had no hot water after the first two) the general time together was rather pleasant.

In the Ljubljana church yard

On Sunday morning Suzie gave a testimony, the group sang a couple of songs in Norwegian and I preached with good response. Later, in the evening, we ventured into the beautiful city center to a trendy tea and dessert shop called Lolita. Our intention was to share the gospel with folks since most younger Slovene’s speak English. Since it turned out to be a cold evening, there were few people on the street leaving us to work on the waitresses who seemed happy to take my tracts when handed to them. Andreas lost his patience with no one being out so he walked up to the principal Catholic church, St. Marys, went in, saw that the priest was taking confession, seated himself in the confessional, introduced himself and why we were here, asked the priest if he knew the Lord Jesus, then asked to pray for him. The priest said that he was an authentic believer in Christ, felt the prayer “powerful” and then gave Andreas his name and phone number. Well, for us back at the Lolita, this evangelistic feat made us feel like we had nothing to say, since we just had someone return that had walked on the moon (See the Brian Regan comedy sketch, “I Walked on the Moon,” on YouTube).

One comment on “On the way from Rygge to Ljubljana

  1. Amy Haley says:

    John and I could chuckle at this one (love the Brian Reagan reference). Keep them coming…

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