Got ahead of myself… back to Slovenia

Aurora, Sabina, Sylvia, Belinda

I can’t ignore this one. On Tuesday the eight person team was divided up into groups of two or three people and sent to people’s houses for supper. At four we (Sylvia, Belinda, Aurora and I) went with Sabina out of the city and up into the mountains to the small village of Vace

In the raw

When we arrived Drago Slankovic, father of Anita, Matjah and Petra) was grilling up a Serbian feast. After greetings were exchanged we went inside their two hundred year-old home where the table and counters were filled with more food than is possible to eat.

All three of the Slankovic girls speak English so we didn’t have to rely on Sabina and she finally admitted that she came along not for her translation skills but because she knows what a good cook Jalena happens to be.

Finally, the meat came through the door and the unveiling took place – a masterpiece of Serbian cuisine. After eating and laughing until we could we could eat and laugh no more we got in cars and drove up the mountain to the geographic center of Slovenia where we prayed for the nation.

Praying over Slovenia, literally

Next we went even farther up, farther than I could imagine. I thought we were high when we were in Vace but now we looked down on mountains that before looked huge from the Slanovic kitchen window.



The dinner party

One comment on “Got ahead of myself… back to Slovenia

  1. Terry says:

    Makes me want to be in on the next trip.

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