“Your old men shall dream, dreams…”

A look at the year ahead…

One enormous three-month trip this year!

My 37th trip in thirteen years, I think?

This Christmas will be quiet for us while John, Amy and the boys make their way to Minnesota to be with Jeremy and Rachel’s and Matt and Noemi’s families. They were hoping to see Sky and Angie as well but apparently their work schedules over the holidays prevent them from making the trip. We would love to be there but Jeanne  had a recent visit and I will be in Bloomington at Bethany College of Missions from January 30 to February tenth so I’ll get my turn.

March and Surgery…

It is said that people will only change when they hurt enough to change. Well, I’ve had it with my rotator cuff. If you haven’t had this problem don’t hope for it. For about five years I have not had the ability to lift weight above my head without incredible pain. This is not good when you travel lugging fifty pound suitcases that you have to hoist over your head in crowded airplanes and trains. After missing night after night of sleep, I’m biting the bullet and gettun ‘er (a mid-western plains word) fixed. They say it will take about three months to get back to normal so if I want to keep doing ministry, I’m going to have to be able to travel and sleep (sometimes in uncomfortable beds).

Alessandro is coming in March or April! 

Alessandro is an Italian, ACCI missionary serving in Italy and Africa. What a story! Alessandro is less than four feet tall but nearly forty years of age. Born with a brain tumor that left him dwarfed, Alessandro found the Lord through “Christ is the Answer” in Palermo, Sicily. Since then he has been fearlessly preaching the gospel. As often as finances will allow he works in the slums of  south Africa among the poor, prisoner, disabled and AIDS patients, many of whom have no hope.

Major outreach to Europe.  

SLOVENIA…  Because of the cost I will be making one long trip to Europe. I expect to leave in mid-August and go to Slovenia where I will preach and do evangelism in the northeast corner of the country. Two our newest missionaries, Andrej and Lidja will be planting a new church in that region. I hope to be joined by Pastor Chris Pachalczak of Grassroots Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  I will return to Ljubljana, the nation’s capital where, again I will be preaching in the church there.


Trieste, Venice and the Veneto

At the end of August I will go to see our missionaries, Caleb and Linda in Trieste and then head to northern Italy, Trento to meet with Pastor Pippo and my friends in that region, among them Belgians, Emile and Imra. We will discuss future possibilities for Southern Evangelical Seminary to serve in the area.

Citta di Castello

Next, I will train down to Bologna, Arezzo and finally bus my way to see missionaries Luke and Dawn serving in the beautiful mountain village Citta di Castello. I always had a dream of recruiting others to serve in Italy and by God’s grace we now have over ten committed to reaching Italians!


Before going to London to meet Jeanne, I will spend several days in Parma helping the team there organize for the outreach concert planned from the end of September.

London, Scotland, Ireland and Wales 

Sometime around the first week of September, Jeanne will come over to England to join me. We will spend about ten days visiting friends and Christian workers in the UK and our friends Mike and Jane have offered to be our cultural informers, driving us in their car. I’m always finding places to teach and preach as I travel along.


Once we are back in London, I will be organizing with the church there, Eltham Green Community Church, our first weekend outreach concert featuring old Canadian friends,  father and son musical duo, Fred and Joel Williams. By doing this we aspire to take the gospel in a relevant way into the proximity of the unchurched. Eltham is located  in southeast London, one of the socially disordered and neediest burrows in the London area.

Back to Parma, Italy

Taking Jeanne and the others we will go for  week to Parma and provide another outreach concert in cooperation with Gruppo Cristiano Latino Americano. Hopefully other churches will join them in inviting people to the Festival.

Back to Ljubljana, Slovenia

We will spend another week with  Binkostna Cerkev, the largest evangelical church in this country of  two million people. There are only 1,000 Bible Christians in Slovenia.

Oslo and Vale, Norway

I am expected in Norway in what they call “week forty-two.” This means that I need to arrive in Norway by October eighth. In all I will log three months of flying on planes and riding trains. As the musicians return to Canada, Jeanne will either come with me to Norway or go back to Charlotte until I finish teaching at Kraftskolen in Vale and the GaUt Centre in the Oslo area.

Please pray for me as I make this commitment to ministry and expense.

When you help us, you help others…

Many of our fellow workers and friends have little money so we are doing our best to help our missionaries and the projects they are working on from training new workers, planting new congregations to building facilities for future growth. Besides our own living and ministry expenses, last year we gave away $9,000 to European gospel expansion.

The Europe Outreach Concert Project! 

Jeanne and I have budgeted as much as $7,000 for concerts in these three cities, London, Parma and Ljubljana. The budget includes assistance on travel, advertising and rentals. We invite  you to invest in this and reap with us the eternal harvest. It is amazing what has happened in a mere thirteen years. We have seen hundreds “turn from the power of Satan to God and from darkness to light.” More and more missionaries are being recruited , trained and deployed. ACCI’s influence around the world is multiplying!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

Tony and Jeanne Hedrick