Part 2 Arkansas (for people who know better…Arkansaw

Irene and Jeanne having a good visit.

March 29, 2012

We drove the next day to Jonesboro, Arkansas. Originally it was our plan to drive straight to Viola, Salem and Mountain Home, Arkansas but it turned out that one of the main people Jeanne had hoped to see was her father’s sister Irene, but Irene wasn’t going to be at home. Instead, she, at ninety-five, was in the hospital at Jonesboro getting a new knee. Jonesboro is about  two and half hours from Viola and the other towns so we decided to pop in on Irene, see how she was doing, spend the night, and then on to Salem. It was a good decision as the room was filled with other extended family members that Jeanne wanted to see, so it was a good time to catch up with a lot of pople at once without going from house to house.

Irene was alert and sharp. We had a good time meeting and sharing old times with everyone there in the room (Sue, Irene’s daughter, Jimmy, her son, Aunt Belle, who was married to Jeanne’s uncle Roscoe, and Belle’s daughter Charlotte).


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