Part 6 Lawrence, Kansas

We arrived in Lawrence Sunday at around 7:30 and drove over to Steve Pope’s, a second cousin to Jeanne… I don’t think that’s exactly right… but she is related in one manner or another. We had a good visit with him, his two daughters and grandson and then went to our hotel with the idea of seeing Jeanne’s brother and sister-in-law for coffee in the morning.

Gary and Christy's ""artsy" dining room

Gary and Christy have lived in Lawrence for about fifty years. Gary is a painter and photographer while Christy is an actor with The Creede Repertory Theater in Colorado. They spend their summers there and have for about twenty years. Denver Post named Christy “BEST Actress for 2011.”

Gary is an accomplished non-objective painter. You probably won’t get it but here is an example of his work.

Now that you’re completely mystified, take my word for it, it’s a good (NO!- GREAT) painting. From now on don’t get so excited when you see a Hubble photograph. John Gary was seeing this before Hubble. This is an image that never before (except Tarantula Nebula) existed and only came into existence as Gary manipulated the medium. Okay, enough for Art Appreciation 101.

Danforth Chapel

We had our coffee, took a walk along the Kaw River and then went up to the Kansas University campus (my alma mater). We wanted to buy KU Jayhawk gifts for several fans in the family. I also wanted to take some photographs of old campus haunts. Jeanne is in the middle of writing a book which includes a few vignettes from our time there.


This took me to Danforth Chapel where we were married. Then Gary and I went on down the campus toward the library, Strong Hall and Campanile. All of these buildings (except the library which I rarely entered) have significance in her story. Later we drove around to our first ever apartment on Indiana Street.

Our first apartment (right top)

KU students getting ready to reek havoc.

We made our purchases and then went down to Massachusetts Street where just last Friday night cars were stomped as an expression of jubilation (actually everyone was just drunk and disorderly) over  KU’s win against  Ohio State. The streets now were already filling up with beer trucks and  tonight’s hopeful crowd. The police had taken up their positions in anticipation of mass destruction that only university students have the thoughtless capacity to evoke.

Loyalty didn't help us

After enjoying a  buffet of Indian cuisine, a tour of the Lawrence Art Society’s new gallery we went back to Gary and Christy’s house where I had a visit from our best man, Paul Wood. I had not heard of Paul’s whereabouts until recently when Gary stumbled upon him while walking his dog on Connecticut Street. We talked for an hour or so and then settled in for the evening of dinner guests and basketball on TV. At about 6:30 there were about seven ardent fans encircling both the TV and plates of pizza.

The screaming did not seem to help Kansas University as they went on to defeat 59 to 67.

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