Itinerary… May 1 to October 20, 2012

Here we go again!

Six countries in four and one-half months of travel…

Okay, I admit to having a good break but its over as you will see. Starting Tuesday, May 1 this will all come to an abrupt end as I head out to four and a half months on the road.


CANADA… May 1 to June 3 

Jeanne and I will be at Chapel Ridge in the Ottawa area where will assist them in outreach. At the same time, I will preach a various churches and meet with local leaders on a variety of topics.


Carleton Place Community Center and Arena

North Street Band

We’ll get together with old friends, Fred and Joel Williams and members of the North Street Band. ACCI will be hosting a Concert in Carleton Place, Ontario at the Community Center and Arena.  This is not simply a Christian music concert but a window into our outreach methodology for the Three European City Tour which will take North Street Band to LONDON, ENGLAND, PARMA, ITALY and LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, September 19 through October 7.

Not and entirely”religious” event and not meant to be…

We will be speaking the language of Europe through music. There are three universal languages that all people everywhere understand  – music, the arts (visual to dramatic) and sport. Presently, soccer (football to Europeans) is being used with some success. Since Europeans are generally anti-theistic and suspicious of evangelism methods (evangelical faith is considered a cult akin to the Jehovah’s Witnesses) handing out tracts,  singing Christian songs and doing dramas on the streets is largely rejected out of hand in most countries. All of this is considered just plain weird. While all of thee evangelistic techniques may work in India or Mexico they prove to be counter productive in Italy, France and other nations in the EU. Rather than bringing people to the gospel they are repelled.

It is our idea to create contemporary and relevant venues (fishing pool events) where believers can effectively get out of the Christian ghetto, demonstrate that they are normal people, have convincing talent and thus build bridges for contact and the gospel.

We hope to have three kinds of events in each of the three cities.

FRIDAY   First, we hope to get into a local club or pub. Our reasoning is this, Jesus went to where the people were and did not wait for them to come to him and this was part of the reason he was criticized. While we will not participate in their activities, we will go among them as a witness for “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” We know that a heavily advertised concert of Christian gospel music will compel very few to attend without prior-established relationships. The last place a European expects to find him or herself is in an evangelical church on Saturday night or Sunday morning no matter what is going on there. This is why there are less than 0.05% of Italy and Slovenia Bible believing Christians. Though England has many more churches, few people attend and less each year. We will go first to Eltham ( the rough southeast side of London) where there are only two non-ethnic churches which are clearly preaching the gospel. We know that when we play the music people are familiar with we will gain an audience.

Those of you who are theologians may not like this as you will see it as compromise but for those who are missionary we see our method as simply doing what any missionary would do if they went to China. In China they would have to learn the language or spend the next forty years singing songs to themselves. If a missionary moves to the muslim world they will have to stop eating pork and the women will have to wear a burqa if they expect to win an audience. The gospel is not changed. The only thing that gets changed is the packaging.

SATURDAY     So then, on Saturday night we hope to perform in auditorium with over five hundred dollars worth of pre-concert promotion, much of it distributed by hand on the street in the days before.

SUNDAY    There will be a special worship concert and those attending the previous events invited.

Saturday, May 26 Evangelism Training


Home to Charlotte for a month.

CANADA… July 2 to August 3

 Home to Charlotte for 10 days

Thirty-seventh trip to Europe in 13 years.

SLOVENIA…  August 12 to August 21

   Pre-concert preparation, Evangelism and Church planting 

ITALY…  August 22 to September 1

 Pre-concert preparation, encouraging missionaries and  pastors,  teaching, preaching and evangelism

FRANCE…  September 2 to September 5

Evangelism and encouraging missionaries

UK…  September 6 to September 25

Jeanne will join me for the three week UK portion

Pre-concert preparation, evangelism, preaching, encouraging missionaries and pastors, ministry consultation

ITALY…  September 26 to October 1

Concert, evangelism and preaching

SLOVENIA…  October 2 to 7

Concert, evangelism and preaching


Teaching at SBI, evangelism and apologetics meetings with GaUT Center and Southern Evangelical Seminary


P.S. Obviously, this will cost a lot of money. It if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated and you will get an “assist” when you get to heaven.

You can donate on line at

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