Part 7 Lawrence to Liberty, Missouri


This is the last of our “flyover country” visit.

We spent the day enjoying the company of Gary and Christy. Now that Sylvia (Jeanne and Gary’s mother) is gone there are fewer “command performance” visits. Unfortunately, it’s  a long and expensive drive from South Carolina to Missouri and vice versa.

Again, we met for coffee and before noon and went out in the country for a drive where we saw a fascinating home-built by a Frenchman back in  the 1800’s. Gary’s friend Ray Wilbur bought it and being the craftsman, carpenter, mason he is, added on to it in the same style. It is really a unique, rustic and beautiful example of what might otherwise be called “folk art.” I hope this photograph will offer enough detail to illustrate what I am trying to express in words.


The afternoon was lazy. I went up to Massachusetts for a coffee.  Gary and Christy tried to figure out who broke into their house and stole his camera. At about three we decided to pull out and head for our hotel in Liberty, Missouri where we were to have a family reunion in the evening. The Benedict family chose The Corner Cafe for supper. If you like authentic family style, southern cooking, enormous desserts, made like you remember, this is a great stop right off of Highway 35 on Church Road. Unfortunately, the restaurant gets overlooked because it sits in behind the national chain restaurants that line-up along the highway.

I thought that perhaps a handful of the twenty or so might show up as some would have to come a long way to join us.  Except for Gene, Jeanne’s brother-in-law the whole gang were there. The last time we saw them was about a year ago and it was great to get together again. After a two and a half hour supper we said our goodbyes and parted company until the next time. The next morning we start back to Charlotte the short way this time.


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