Guest Post – Jevin and Ashley in France

Ashley (my wife), Savannah (our 4 month old) and I  have taken 3 months off during Ashley’s parental leave to come over to France and serve here however we can.  Ashley and I really appreciate Tony’s missionary heart and welcomed us to post on his blog.  We hope our travel stories will encourage even young families to try out missions.

Amazingly, Savannah slept for the entire plane ride which is a miracle in itself.  We arrived a week ago and have settled in to the OM house/office quite well.  There are 8 people who work out of this office and 3 of us live here on site.

France is holiday crazy!  Within 3 weeks of being here, we will have experienced 3 national holidays.

We are still trying to figure out how we’ll be applying ourselves but the team here really gets that we want to help wherever we can.  Stick around for updates, neat stories about missions life, French life and stories about the people we meet.

8 comments on “Guest Post – Jevin and Ashley in France

  1. markpeterkins says:

    Way to go guys!! Looking forward to the updates.

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to more updates!

  3. Katy Ruggiero says:

    Love it! You gusy are awesome and we are praying for you all!!!

  4. Diane McCooeye says:

    yahoo… missed you on Sunday….but we are praying. The picture is so cute of the Baby…..just keep the post’s coming… as we journey with you this awesome way….Blessings…Di
    Romans 12.12

  5. Sarah Jackson says:

    It’s great to hear from you. You’re in our prayers!

  6. Lynn Saunders says:

    It’s Mom….miss you all. Feeling a little lonely without Savannah for three months but I am expecting great things for the Lord thru the three of you! Keep safe!

  7. Linda Roth says:

    Thanks for the update Jevin. Will follow closely.
    Linda and Ken

  8. Elizabeth Renaud says:

    I know you will be a great blessing over there and I am sure you will have a great time in the process…looking forward to your updates
    love Eliz

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