Guest post – Le sucre avec votre café?

Thanks for all of your encouragement on our last post.  We are quite settled in and enjoying our evening walks.

Jevin — I’ve spent two mornings at the “sans logis” (soup kitchen + extra services). They serve two meals. Once for the “petit déjeuner ” at 9:30 in the morning, and and dinner around 5pm and 6pm. On my first day there, I wasn’t really sure how I would plug in. As I was waiting to report in, I saw three employees hovering around a computer. They looking really frustrated. I gathered up some courage: “je suis l’ingénieur informatique. Puis je t’aider?” (I work with computers, can I help you out? “.. “oui oui! Servez vous! ” (please! Have at it). Try were trying to get a printer on their network connected to the computer. Took me about 20 minutes and they were thrilled. Nice! I’m useful within the first 5 minutes! After that, I went to work in the kitchen, cleaning dishes and prepping for the dinner meal, just getting used to the place.

Ashley — it seems that teaching Français is going to be harder than we thought. It’s a 1.5 hour train ride each way. With Savannah and no help it will be tough. The team is trying to come up with stuff in the office and around town to help out.

She is very passionate to really get an advanced handle on the French language. She is doing weekly one on one French tutoring via Skype with a French national. She is loving this.

Savannah — she is awake almost all day and is still up a lot during the night. The baby is generally happy, so that makes us happy. As expected, she keeps Ashley busy.

If you are praying, ask God to guide us. It’s important to us that we are effective while we are here.

6 comments on “Guest post – Le sucre avec votre café?

  1. tonyhedrick says:

    I guess you are thankful for all that I taught you, eh… Ha. At least, I showed you how to buy a train ticket and order a panini. You seem to be doing what missionaries do… we are there when they need us and supportive when they don’t and loving folks all the while through the process. 80% of what you do will be waiting on something or someone. The key word is… “flexiblity.”

  2. Diane McCooeye says:

    So exciting…its wonderful to hear this encouraging email, we prayed for you guys at chuch this am… and its wonderful to know that the Lord is in ALL our tomorrows….so fear not….He has you there for His Reason…praying for the help with the Baby…
    keep going as we keep building the hedge of Protection…for you and your entire family… as we journey in His steps….sending Hugs..xoxo

  3. Sarah Jackson says:

    Savannah will be crying and burping with a french accent in no-time!
    Meanwhile, you guys are available to God at his beck and call — that is pretty neat. His hand is guiding you and holding you. He is more than a genius — he will bring it to pass. May he keep you in peace about it all.
    Keep the updates coming!

  4. Keith Hawn says:

    It is amazing how easy it is to fit in when you just offer to help when you can. Looking forward to more posts from you on your wonderful adventure.

  5. Ray Bonhomme says:

    Bonjour! I can imagine their faces when you took care of the computer problem. I pray the Lord will continue to provide service opportunities. Bless you guys!

  6. Janet Brown says:

    Hi Jevin and Ashley, Please know that you are definitely in our hearts and prayers! We can’t wait to have you share all that God is doing in your hearts and lives. Blessings – Janet Brown

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